If you are in immediate emotional crisis, please call the National Suicide Hotline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255)


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Our Mission is to serve the community by providing alcohol and other drug services and prevention with compassion and understanding. We help to pave the way for a brighter future.


The philosophy of CBHC is that every individual has the capability and strength to affect positive change in their lives and can do so by focusing on overall health and wellness, including their mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Funding Sources

CBHC is funded through community dollars from the Mental Health and Recovery Services Board of Muskingum County, serving Coshocton, Guernsey, Morgan, Muskingum, Noble and Perry Counties. For those clients with payer sources, we are able to collect funds from Medicaid, as well as most major private insurance companies. We offer a sliding fee scale for those clients who are self-pay.

Staff Members

Beth Cormack

Executive Director


Clinical Director


Dir. of Prevention Services/Senior Counselor

Scott Thompson, BS,LCDC II


David Dosser, BS,CDCA

Assessment Counselor

John Turley, PS-A,CDCA

Recovery Housing Director/Recovery Coach

Rhonda Hanes, BA,MBA

Financial Services

Sally Wiggins, CPS-A/MH

Intake Worker

Crystal Kiser, LSW


Board Members

Larry Boal


Herb Tidrick

Vice President

Bee Lehner

Josie Sellers

Deborah Shyrock

Sheriff Tim Rogers

Family Drug Court

The Coshocton County Family Drug Court was established to help parents achieve and maintain sobriety while working toward reunification with children and ensuring the well-being and safety of children in the home. CBHC is part of a team of service providers who attend each drug court session for the clients to provide reports on recovery progress and address client needs as they arise. Family Drug Court clients are referred by Job and Family Services, Children Services.

Juvenile Drug Court

CBHC provides treatment for youth involved in Juvenile Drug Court and attends each drug court session as part of the drug court team to ensure the best possible treatment for youth involved. The Coshocton County Juvenile Drug Court has been in operation since 2004 and was one of the early juvenile drug treatment courts in Ohio. In 2013, the Ohio Supreme Court, for the first time, established standards for the certification of specialized docket courts, and the Coshocton County Juvenile Court is one of the first in Ohio to receive its initial certification.

Recovery Court

CBHC provides drug and alcohol treatment to clients involved in Coshocton County Recovery Court. Tyra Hixon, Clinical Director, attends each recovery court session, reports progress of the clients, and works with a team of service providers to effectively treat and help clients in recovery.

Recovery Housing

Serenity Suites is a transitional, residential facility for those who are seeking to continue in their quest for Recovery from substance use.

The program requirements include being a Coshocton County resident AND being a current and active client of Coshocton Behavioral Health Choices (CBHC), involved in Aftercare and Relapse Prevention programming.

Entry into this program is based on many factors including a referral from the clinical team of CBHC. The goal of the program is to provide safe and sober transitional housing, while the recovering client becomes independent and well.

Youth Asset Leadership Team

Coshocton's Youth Asset Leadership Team is comprised of some of our County's finest young individuals. The aim of the program is to teach these youth men and women how to resist the pitfalls and temptations that trap so many teens and arm them with the knowledge and ability to lead their respective schools in a positive direction. Being a part of this group means participating in as many events as possible, not only the fun things with food or games. We are trying to change this community for the better and we cannot do that when we do not know who is committed to YALT and who is not.

Driver Intervention Program

72-hour Driver Intervention Program, certified by the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (ODMHAS)

The Driver Intervention Program is held quarterly as a prevention program of CBHC. The 72-hour certified program offers 32 hours of substance use education, as well as lodging and meals during the program.

The program begins on Thursday at 5pm and runs through Sunday at 5pm. The program tuition is $375 for the program. Proof of attendance is submitted to your referral source within 48 hours of program completion. The educational component takes place at Coshocton Behavioral Health Choices. You will be shuttled to local motel lodging for the evenings with security personnel manning the hallways. The shuttle will return you to the agency each morning where you will meet with your instructor for all of the day’s events. Per ODMHAS requirements, electronic devices, including cell phones are not permitted during the program. Medications are permissible in the original container AND with a copy of the prescription.
For questions regarding our program, please contact our agency at 740-622-0033.


WISE Teen Education Group

The goal of the WISE program is to help older adults celebrate healthy aging, make healthy life choices, and avoid substance abuse.

The WISE program positively impacts participants in three key areas:
* Knowledge
*Social Support

Smoking Cessation

Life Skills

Alternative School

Opportunity School


CBHC offers a variety of outpatient services, which are designed to meet the individual treatment needs of its clients.


Registration is the first step for the client in accessing services. The registration process includes completion of the paperwork necessary to open the client's case, a determination of financial resources available for payment of fees (fees for most services are based on a sliding fee scale to Coshocton County Residents, full-fee for out of County residents), and a toxicology screen. A fee is charged for the toxicology screen.

Intensive Outpatient Program

This three hour, four day a week group program is designed for the client with a diagnosis of alcohol or other drug dependency and assessed as needing a highly structured program to support the recovery process. Often this client will have had previous treatment. Multiple life problems including more than one arrest, employment, health and relationship issues are present. The client may also have significant denial of the presence of an alcohol or other drug problem. The program usually lasts eight weeks and transfer to step down care is based upon progress in treatment. Attendance at a self-help group and abstinence is mandatory. Emphasis is placed on reducing denial, motivating the client to accept help from self help groups, and the attainment of life skills such as communication, decision making, relaxation, etc. Individual treatment is part of this program.

Group Counseling
(Phase II Outpatient Program)

A treatment program for clients with an alcohol or drug dependency diagnosis that meets twice per week in (2) 90-minute sessions. Generally, the client will not have had prior treatment services, will have an external support system that is conducive to or tolerant of the recovery process and will have sufficient coping strategies to abstain in a less structured program. Self-help group attendance and abstinence are a requirement. Emphasis is on reducing denial of the alcohol or other drug problem, increasing positive coping skills, which will assist with abstinence after discharge, and the avoidance of another alcohol or other drug related arrest or problem. Individual sessions are a part of this program. The average length of this program is twelve weeks.

Individual Counseling

This service is available as a part of an existing group program or as a stand-alone service.

Relapse Prevention


Thinking for a Change

Thinking for a Change (T4C) is an integrated, cognitive behavior change program for offenders that includes cognitive restructuring, social skills development, and development of problem solving skills.


Coshocton County AA, NA, Other Support Groups and AL ANON Meeting Schedule









Open Grapevine Discussion 612 Walnut Street, Coshocton

OPEN LEAD Central Christian Church-8th & Main (in basement –use stairs in front)
Open Discussion 612 Walnut St

OPEN LEAD 612 Walnut St.
Open Grapevine Discussion 612 Walnut Street, Coshocton

OPEN LEAD Lion’s Den Church St. Newcomerstown, OH
OPEN LEAD Presbyterian Church – 4th & Chestnut (in basement)
Open Discussion 612 Walnut St

Open Lead United Methodist Church 120 W. Union Street West Lafayette, OH
Open Grapevine Discussion 612 Walnut Street, Coshocton


Other Support Groups

612 Walnut Street Christian, Hope, Recovery, Inspiration & Serenity Time
11am to 1pm
612 RAP (Recovery & Parenting) 612 Walnut Street

Social Support Group
610 Walnut Street


Central Christian Church – 8th & main (in basement, use stairs in front)

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